Blue Crazy Quilt Wool Applique Christmas Ornament Stitch Kit – By Artsi2


The offer is for a Stitch Kit – Wool Applique Crazy Quilt Christmas Ornament in Blue. The Wool Felt Kit includes: Precut Wool Felt Pieces, Floss, Needles, Batting, RicRac, Instructions, Stitch Glossary and Illustrations. See Item Specifics Below.

Very Fun project that can be used in a variety of ways: Of course – Ornaments on a Christmas Tree, Ornaments hanging from a 3 Clip Hanger, a Package Decoration to a favorite person. So many possibilities! We offer 3-Clip Hangers in our store.

Item Specifics: Precut Wool Felt Pieces are a Wool Felt Blend (Wool and Rayon), Embroidery Needle #5, #10 Sharp Needle, RicRac, 6 Strand Floss. Approximate size: 3.5″X4″.

Step-By-Step How to Blog at:


Approximately 3.5″ X 4″

Step-By-Step How to Blog at:

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