Christmas Bulbs 9″X13.5″ No Sew Quilt Wall Hanging – By Artsi2


The No Sew Quilt Board includes: Precut Quilt Board, White Chipboard (to finish the back of the board), Metal Sawtooth Wall Hanger, Instructions, and Illustrations. Fun to choose fabrics and trims to finish the No Sew Quilt Kits. Great way to learn how to put fabric colors and patterns together that are pleasing to the eye. No fancy tools necessary. Our favorite tool to tuck the fabric into the grooves is a small seam ripper. Tiny point on the tip of the seam ripper makes it easy to get into small areas. Just tuck n go!

The No Sew Quilt Boards are fun and easy crafts for kids, easy crafts for adults and are great family crafts.

Size: 9″X13.5″

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9″X13.5″ Quilt Board Wall Hanging

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